‘Sleep Cycle’—waking up, easy.

The science of sleeping. For many years, I have had in mind the simplest definition of sleep as closing my eyes, losing consciousness and then naturally opening my eyes again (or forcefully with an alarm clock) when it was time to be up. If only it were that simple. I could not, for the life… Continue reading ‘Sleep Cycle’—waking up, easy.


‘Toby’—too many tabs? No worries.

I remember my Chemistry teacher used to have, on average, 25 tabs open at any given moment. She was a PhD student working as a high school teacher and a ballet instructor. She also made these beautiful dresses by hand, and went horse riding on weekends. When I first discovered Toby, I thought of her.… Continue reading ‘Toby’—too many tabs? No worries.

‘Flora’—plant your productivity

I’ve always had a strange relationship with plants. While I do greatly appreciate their beautiful aesthetic and their important role in ecosystem sustainability, I never have once grown a plant to its entirety. I remember growing a sunflower as my first plant, only for it to wither as a result of dehydration, a couple weeks… Continue reading ‘Flora’—plant your productivity

‘Bear’—take beautiful notes, write elegant code

Bear loves shortcuts, and I do, too. I like using two hashtags to make a subheading in my notes, or one if I want to tag the post to find it later. It's one of the things that makes Bear so simple to use. The app doesn't drown you with features: they are simply there,… Continue reading ‘Bear’—take beautiful notes, write elegant code

‘Habitica’—battle monsters by doing the dishes

I fell deep into the purple end. When I first downloaded the app, I scoffed at the possibility that a few digital gold coins could motivate me to go to the gym, do my assignments or save money. But those gold coins bought me weapons which boosted my stat points and saved my party from… Continue reading ‘Habitica’—battle monsters by doing the dishes